Inglewood Higher Education for Children with Special Needs

The leap from high school to college is difficult for many students who may find the increased independence difficult to manage or who may discover that college classes are significantly more in-depth than high school classes ever were. This change is even more difficult for Inglewood special education students who may struggle with physical, mental, or social concerns that make school difficult. However, with plenty of determination and an in-depth knowledge of current special education laws, parents can direct their children to the right Inglewood higher education for them and ensure that special needs will never hinder them from accomplishing their dreams.

Search for a College Aimed at Students with Disabilities

Today, numerous colleges and universities boast of their inclusivity, but you need to check carefully to see exactly how inclusive they are. Some offer special options for students with physical disabilities, while others offer class styles that are particularly formatted for students who need accommodations for test-taking and similar concerns.

Know the Law

It is important that you as the parent know and understand current laws that relate to Inglewood higher education for special needs children. Your child has the same rights as all other students and may even be able to claim certain grants or scholarships designed especially for special education students.

Advocate for Inclusivity

Whether or not you find an inclusive college nearby, consider advocating for special education rights especially in relation to higher education. Even if your advocacy does not obviously benefit your own family, you are paving the way for increased support for numerous families throughout the Inglewood community in the future.

Find Support through the Inglewood School District

Even though you must be your child’s biggest advocate, you do not have to be his only advocate. The Inglewood local school district can help your child prepare for higher education through long-term planning, which should begin in high school and may even extend back into middle school. Guidance counselors and teachers can help you work with your child to boost his strengths and address his weaknesses.

Get Help from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman

In some cases, you may also need legal help in dealing with Inglewood higher educational needs. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we work solely with special needs families and applicable laws. We can answer your questions, help you work with a college or university, and guide you through tricky paperwork.

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