Inglewood Individualized Education Program

An Inglewood Individualized Education Program is appropriate for any special needs child attending public school, and it may also be used in some private schools. The IEP is not something that parents should fear. Instead, they should look at it as a chance for them to share meaningfully with their child’s teachers and advisers as well as other school personnel who play a part in their child’s education. Depending on the age and the abilities of the student, he or she may even get to be in the meeting to discuss needs and goals.

At the beginning of every school year, the Inglewood Individualized Education Program meeting should be held. For new students, this is a chance to create an entirely new IEP. For returning students, the IEP from the previous year will be examined to see what goals were met, what methods worked and which methods did not work. The IEP can also be revised throughout the school year if the student makes great progress beyond the goals of the IEP or if changes need to be made to benefit the child.

Legal Assistance in Establishing Inglewood Individualized Education Programs

While parents may not relish another meeting, especially if they already have many doctor or therapy appointments to attend, the Inglewood Individualized Education Program meeting should be seen as a very important date. School teachers really need the parents’ input to understand the distinct personality quirks, habits, limitations, and desires of the child. Without this information, the child may get sub-par help in school and may not flourish in his or her learning environment.

However, some Inglewood parents may not want to attend this meeting not because they are too busy but rather because they do not know what to expect. They may have never attended an IEP meeting in the past, or they may have had a bad experience with a previous school district or with the child’s teachers. This is one way that an attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law can help.

Our attorneys have years of experience in working with special education students and in going over and helping to draft Individualized Education Programs in and around Inglewood, California. We can answer parent questions in our relaxing offices, or we can attend meetings with parents to be the person who is on their side during a heated or uncomfortable discussion. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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