Inglewood Learning Disability

An Inglewood learning disability may initially seem difficult for parents to work with, but with professional help and guidance, these children can learn and thrive through school and well into higher education. Many go on to lead very vibrant lives with incredibly successful careers. The key is to get these children the help that they need as early as possible so that they can remain near their peers in terms of accomplishments.

Inglewood Children with Special Needs

In California, Inglewood children who have learning disabilities are required by law to be given a free education through the public school system along with the special services that they need to succeed. Children who are officially diagnosed with a learning disability and who go through the appropriate evaluation by the public school will receive an IEP. The IEP is paperwork that shows exactly what the goals for that student are for the year. The goals will be very specific and will be designed to be something that the child can legitimately reach. Over the years, the goals should become higher and more in depth, and the child should be seen to be progressing. Non-progression is a signal that the IEP is not working and that it needs to be corrected or that another type of service is needed for the child.

Special Education Plans for Inglewood Children

There is no reason that Inglewood special education students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities cannot succeed in all areas of life. One of the most difficult areas for up to 80 percent of these children is language. Many of them struggle to speak clearly or make their thoughts known. Others have trouble writing words on paper and also struggle with other fine motor movements, such as working with very small pieces. Some struggle to read because they have dyslexia.

However, there are a variety of other learning disabilities diagnosed in Inglewood that may necessitate an IEP as well. ADHD is a common diagnosis. Some children also have problems with memory or with math. Problems may range from minor to severe. Some can be easily overcome with a year or two of tutoring and specialized help while others will require more in-depth help through all the years of school.

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