Inglewood Legal Guardianship

If you are a parent of a special needs child who is quickly approaching adulthood, you will definitely want to look into an Inglewood Legal Guardianship. A legal guardianship will allow you to retain control over some or all of the many decisions that affect your child’s life. These are decisions that most adults would make for themselves but which your child may be unable to make due to disabilities. Be sure to look into filing for a legal guardianship well before your child’s eighteenth birthday to avoid court delays and potential problems with making financial, medical or legal decisions for your child. Past this point, the process to obtain an Inglewood legal guardianship becomes much more difficult.

What Are “Legal Guardians” for Children in Inglewood

In California, a legal guardian is authorized to make some or all of the decisions for the individual called the ward. The particulars of the guardianship will be determined in court, and the guardian may be able to make all decisions himself, or he may have to seek court approval for certain decisions.

Requesting a legal guardianship in Inglewood can be a lengthy process for which it is best to have legal guidance. That is why we at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law recommend consulting with one of our special needs attorneys before you start the process yourself. Did you know that anyone can request a guardianship? Therefore, you must prepare paperwork for the courts to prove why you are the best option for guardian over the special needs individual. After filling out all of the necessary paperwork, you will be assigned a hearing date and time during which the court will hear the case.

A legal guardian for a special needs individual is often a parent or another close family member. However, it could be a family friend or even a third party appointed by the state. This individual must be proven to be competent and will have to promise to give first consideration to the needs of the special needs individual.

Many times, an Inglewood legal guardian will have broad control over all of the interests of the special needs individual. He or she will be responsible for making medical decisions, paying bills, finding housing and planning for the future. Guardians must always be able to prove that they have provided for and cared for the ward adequately, or they will be at risk of being replaced.

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