Inglewood Psychological Assessments

Inglewood Psychological Assessments can be helpful for parents, teachers and the students themselves. While it can seem like a stressful experience as one goes through it, it can actually help teachers create better lesson plans, help parents understand their children’s needs and help students feel as if there is a reason why they are struggling in school.

Identify Areas of Focus with Inglewood Psychological Assessments

An Inglewood Psychological Assessment can cover numerous angles, from school work and language issues to social and emotional concerns. Therefore, it may be required for students who are lagging behind their peers, who have difficulties with speech, who struggle to read, who have numerous outbursts or who struggle in social situations. Students and parents should not feel as if the assessment is a put-down of all their efforts but rather an attempt to help the child succeed.

The tester is usually a psychologist or psychiatrist who is well aware of the concerns that these children and their parents have. He or she realizes that children may feel uncomfortable giving answers initially and will work around this to provide the best answers that most accurately reflect the needs of the child. Children should be aware of what is going to happen on that day. Parents will want to talk over any concerns with the children before arriving for the Inglewood Psychological Assessment. One important piece that parents should mention is that this is not a physical examination, so children do not have to worry about needles.

Psychological Assessments Promotes Success for Children in Inglewood

Depending on the age of the child, the Inglewood Psychological Assessment could take several different forms. For example, young children may simply be encouraged to play. The psychologist will be able to make observations in how the child interacts and plays. Older children may also take part in some aspects of play, such as games and puzzles, but will additionally be asked some school-style questions.

Most psychologists who perform these assessments are dedicated to the betterment of the children. Most of them want to get the most accurate assessments and will take the time and energy necessary to do this. However, psychologists who are overworked or who are burned out in their line of work may not want to take the necessary time, and their reports may reflect this level of care. Parents who feel that the Psychological Assessment does not accurately reflect the needs of their children should meet with an attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman.

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