Inglewood Special Education Representation

Negotiating school districts can be difficult for any parent who does not understand the system. This confusion is amplified for parents of Special Needs children who often require an education that is unique to their needs. In many cases, parents who live in Inglewood may require Legal Representation. This is where Newman Aaronson Vanaman Law Firm, which serves Los Angeles County, can help. We provide all types of representation for our young special education clients who need help getting through the public school or private school system in order to succeed in adulthood.

We have provided over 30 years of special education representation for Inglewood clients. However, we focus most of our attention on the often-difficult elementary and middle school years where children do most of their foundational learning. In these years, it is vital for special education students to have the resources they need to succeed whether that is a one-on-one tutor, technological educational tools, or extra educational playtime outside the classroom. In California, these needs are addressed through Individualized Educational Plans.

Providing Expert Legal Representation for Inglewood Children

We have many attorneys who specialize in working with parents and Inglewood educators to create the best IEPs possible for the student. We can attend school district meetings to provide support for parents or can even communicate directly with school district administrators and teachers. Should our clients feel that they are still not being helped appropriately, we can take our legal representation to Regional Meetings or even to state or federal courts should the need arise. Our kind staff provides thorough representation that is designed to meet all of our client’s needs in the most compassionate way possible.

Of course, we know that many Inglewood parents also need help knowing what to do for their special needs children as they get closer to adulthood. We can provide comprehensive legal counsel in these situations as well and can help with guardianships, conservatorships, financial trusts and powers of attorney. We make sure that our clients understand how their decisions will affect both them and their children.

We are conveniently located near Inglewood in Sherman Oaks, California. We have intimate knowledge of California’s laws that affect special needs children, and many of our associates have additional medical knowledge to interpret medical and psychological tests that may be administered from time to time. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, compassionate legal representation for special needs clients throughout the Inglewood area.

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