Inglewood Special Education Rules & Procedures

Inglewood special education rules and procedures are governed both by the state of California as well as by the federal government. These rules are set forth to ensure that all students have access to a free and appropriate public education in the state and, more practically, that they are able to live life to the fullest degree possible. By following special education rules well, parents and educators can set up these children to succeed and may often be surprised to see that these children do even better than one would think.

California Regulations for Inglewood School Districts

While the federal government does set up special education rules, the state of California has more specific regulations and procedures that provide guidelines to follow for each of the school districts, including Inglewood. The federal government has set up the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which instructs the states to provide special education services to special needs individuals free of charge and in as open of an environment as possible. California goes even further by delineating exactly who these individuals should be.

Special needs individuals living in Inglewood are described as having a disability if they have an intellectual, emotional or physical disability. This could include learning disabilities, developmental delays, emotional issues, hearing or vision impairments or speech and language impairments. The state is required to provide free educational services to these individuals from the time that they are 5 to the age of 18. Children younger than five are also allowed to have special education services through the state if they have been targeted as having specific needs that benefit from early intervention. Individuals who have not graduated from high school by the age of 18 may continue with special education services through the age of 22 if necessary.

Assisting Inglewood Parents Through Legal Procedures

Inglewood parents should be aware that there are many physical impairments that do not require special services. As long as mild modifications make it possible for the child to learn in a classroom with his or her peers, special education rules do not apply.

This causes some parents to feel that their children are missing out on key services that would help them succeed in life. If you are one of these parents or a guardian of a special needs child who is not receiving the best instruction or service through your Inglewood school district, contact a qualified special needs attorney through Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at law today.

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