Inglewood Special Needs Trusts

Inglewood Special Needs Trusts can help individuals, especially parents, provide for special needs children of any age, even through adulthood. This trust allows parents and others to put aside money for the child in an account that will not impact the supplemental income that the child may be given by the government. Rather than leaving special needs individuals money as a bequest through a will, you should definitely consider the Inglewood Special Needs Trust.

Legal Representation for Inglewood Children with Special Needs

It is best to set up any kind of trust with the help of a trusted attorney. Because an Inglewood Special Needs Trust requires specialty planning, a special needs attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman is the best option for thorough planning. Our attorneys specialize in special needs and special education law and have years of experience working with trusts and other intricate financial matters for these individuals. We understand the financial needs that they have as well as the laws that are constantly changing in this field.

When you set up an Inglewood Special Needs Trust with our help, you will need to consider how much money the trust will need to have in it to provide for your loved one after your demise. This number can be difficult to determine although it may be set simply by the amount of money that you can afford to put into it. However, if you have the choice, you will want to make a good estimate based on the type of medical services that your child is currently receiving and on the expected progression of your child’s disability. For example, some disabilities become progressively worse over time and will require more in-depth care by older age. Other disabilities tend to result in premature death.

The Inglewood Special Needs Trust will also need a trustee to be set up over the fund. The trustee should be someone whom the family trusts, such as a sibling or cousin, or another close friend. The trustee will administer the money, ensuring that the special needs person’s bills are paid, and other expenses are covered using money from the trust. The money cannot be given as cash to the individual but can be used to pay for nearly anything that the person will need.

We encourage you to contact Newman Aaronson Vanaman for the most current advice for setting up a special needs trust and for help administering your current trust.

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