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Many special needs students feel as if they are categorized based on their diagnoses. Rather than being allowed to learn as much as they can or being challenged to learn with their peers, some are immediately placed into special needs classrooms where they may not receive the ideal education to support their quest for higher learning later in life. Although special education classrooms certainly have their place and are vital for some special needs students, many students do well when put into general classrooms with their peers. One thing that can help students excel when in the general classroom is Long Beach accommodations.

Accommodations Improve Learning Environments for Students with Special Needs

Long Beach accommodations are changes that are made to the learning environment to help the child learn the content as well as possible and to test well. These accommodations should not be confused with modifications, which are changes to the curricula. While modifications decrease the amount of information that is learned, allowing students to progress while not staying at the same level as their peers, accommodations allow students to learn the same information at exactly the same pace as their peers do.

The accommodations that are used in Long Beach differ based on each student’s needs. The accommodations that have been approved for testing, for the classroom setting, and for additional educational help should be listed in the IEP. This way, teachers are guided in what they should be offering students and parents will know exactly what their children will need to do well in school. Accommodations can be modified at any time throughout the school year with an IEP review requested by parents or teachers. In addition, the law requires that a new IEP be put into place at the beginning of each school year.

Helping Students in Long Beach Develop Skills

Long Beach accommodations should help students feel as if they can compete with their peers. Although they may need different desks, different testing methods, increased tutoring or different types of textbooks or class notes, these students will still be taking in the same information and showing the same knowledge level on tests. Accommodations will help special needs students succeed throughout the lower school years and get into college as well. This will set them up for a bright and unlimited future.

If you feel that your child has not been given the Long Beach accommodations that he or she needs to succeed, contact an attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman today.

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