Long Beach Children with Physical Disabilities

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we keep the priority on the needs of Long Beach Children with Physical Disabilities. These children are often forgotten in the shuffle of life and often miss out on numerous important experiences in school and the home. While some of these children also deal with mental disabilities on a daily basis, many simply have physical disabilities that prevent them from getting around as well as their peers do. They may have difficulty walking, moving their arms, performing fine motor movements, seeing or talking. This can cause them significant delays in school from which it is usually quite difficult to recover without specialized help.

This is why we feel that we must take on the legal help of these Long Beach children. Over the past 30 years, we have seen how they have suffered in school and other social situations because they cannot get where they need to go or cannot perform certain tasks that allow them to succeed in education or sports. They may not be able to use regular desks, play on the school playground, get up to the whiteboard, participate in school events or trips or even use a pencil.

Seeking the Best Education Plans for Long Beach Children with Physical Disabilities

Our attorneys believe that none of the difficulties should preclude Long Beach children with physical disabilities from receiving premier educations that will set them up for success in their futures. Instead, we believe that they should have just as many opportunities as their peers do to graduate from high school and head off to college if that is their goal.

In order to achieve this, these children often need special education resources, which can be provided free in the public school system. Sometimes, getting these resources allocated to a child can be difficult, however, because it requires a series of evaluations by public school administrators and others. Many parents feel that their Long Beach children with physical disabilities do not receive proper evaluations and have instead been denied special education resources that they rightly deserve.

Our attorneys can help parents in their fights for the rights of their special needs children. We can attend school meetings, IEP meetings and regional meetings when parents simply need someone to back them up. We can help parents learn what resources are available to their children in the educational sector and can ensure that children receive the free, appropriate educations that are theirs by right.

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