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Families with special needs children living in Long Beach need to think deeply about future needs and goals for their families. While it can be difficult to see beyond the everyday needs of food, school, and medical care, proper planning is desperately needed to ensure that these special needs children are properly cared for throughout their lives. This is especially important for those children living with physical or mental disabilities that compromise their abilities to care for themselves physically or to take care of their own finances. In many cases, parents must plan for possible future events without being able to see exactly what will be needed.

Estate Planning Provides Secure Futures for Long Beach Children

Long Beach Estate Planning helps ensure that these children and their parents are protected and provided for once the parents reach old age. Parents must have last wills and testaments in place that will tell others how they wish to be cared for in old age and how they want their assets dispersed. The wills should take into account any special needs that their children may have because many special needs children receive monetary governmental benefits that could be affected if they receive a large payment from their parents’ estates. If the government believes that these children are receiving plenty of money from another source, the government benefits, such as social security, could stop altogether.

It can be difficult for parents to know how to tackle this dilemma. While it may be tempting for parents simply to put off this task, they may find that they have put it off until it is too late. The best way to go about Long Beach Estate Planning for families of special needs children is to use legal representation that is qualified in this area.

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we offer a team of professional special education attorneys and paralegals who only work with these types of clients and families. We know how these issues affect families, and we work with families of all ages and needs. Not only can we provide Long Beach legal representation for estate planning, but also we can work with families who need help with IEPs or guardianships. We understand legal and financial aspects and also have worked closely with many of the medical aspects of these laws. Long Beach parents can turn to us with complete confidence, knowing that we will handle these delicate matters with kindness, compassion, and integrity.

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