Long Beach Higher Education for Children with Special Needs

Getting your special education child through elementary school can seem long and arduous. Working with them through the tumultuous years of middle school and high school can seem even more confusing. However, if you are like many parents of special needs children in Long Beach, you may not spend very much if any time considering what your child will do for college or continuing education. However, continuing education through an apprenticeship program, two-year college, or four-year university is often what helps these students succeed long-term and allows them to make a way through adulthood.

Preparing Children with Special Needs for Future Careers

Long Beach higher education for children with special needs is important for getting these children ready for careers. Today, much of corporate America puts a high priority on a degree. Many of the jobs that are currently open across the United States require postsecondary education, and your child can become prepared through higher education.

However, the success rates for Long Beach higher education are often quite dismal for special needs individuals. Statistics show that only 33 percent of those who attend four-year colleges or universities ever graduate and that just over 40 percent of those who attend two-year schools successfully complete their courses. Surprisingly, these statistics do not reflect the difficult academics that these students face in college but instead reflect the difficulty that these students have in dealing with everyday life circumstances that are typical in adulthood.

For example, these special education students often have difficulty in processing information. They may struggle to organize their days to use their time wisely or may lack the ability to solve certain types of life problems on their own. In addition, some special needs students, such as those with autism, do not do well in social circumstances, which can significantly limit them in college.

Legal Representation & Assistance to Parents in Long Beach

These issues, often referred to as soft skills, are incredibly important to students of all ages, but are particularly important the older that the student is. These Long Beach special education students heading on to higher education must know how to interact with their classmates, come up with smart studying techniques, understand instructions and know when to put extra effort into preparing for a test.

Parents in Long Beach should advocate for their high school students who are preparing for college. Look for help from the local school district, search for legal help from special needs attorneys, and support these students along the way.

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