Long Beach Individualized Education Program

Special education children in California are required by law to have access to a free and appropriate public education. While not every family decides that this is a great choice for them, a majority of families do go this route. Other special education options include homeschooling or attending a private school. Special education students attending a public school in Long Beach are required to have an Individualized Education Program drawn up at the beginning of each school year. Some private schools may make use of this resource although many private schools do not.

Assisting Children with Special Needs Through Long Beach Individualized Education Programs

The Long Beach Individualized Education Program is a way to direct schoolteachers and advisers in the education of the child and to let parents see how their children are progressing throughout the school year. The Individualized Education Program, often referred to as the IEP, should have specific goals that can be easily measured rather than very broad goals that cannot be measured and quantified. This is to provide clear guidance for all involved in the child’s education. For example, rather than stating that “Johnny will learn to read better this year,” an IEP should state that “Johnny will be able to read all three-letter words as well as four-letter words ending in a silent e by the end of this school year.” This will help to inspire teachers to improve their performance and will give parents guidance as to how they can help their children solidify their learning at home.

A Long Beach Individualized Education Program meeting is required to be held at the beginning of every school year. The appropriate teachers and school administrators are required to attend, and parents are encouraged to attend. Older special education students can attend as well depending on their circumstances. Additional IEP meetings can be called as the parents wish, either to refine or to reevaluate goals or to discuss issues that they may be seeing along the educational track.

Parents have an excellent opportunity to learn more about their special needs children’s education at the IEP meeting. However, this can be a stressful experience if they do not know what to expect or feel at odds with school staff. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, we provide attorneys with plenty of training and experience in special education law. We can talk parents through difficult circumstances, advise them regarding IEPs or attend the IEP meeting with them should they wish this.

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