Long Beach Learning Disability

When a child is diagnosed with a Long Beach learning disability, the parents may fear that the child will never be able to make it through school successfully and will most likely be limited for the rest of his or her life by a subpar education. However, this is simply not the case for the vast majority of these individuals. Most simply need a chance to prove themselves and a way to catch up with their peers.

In Long Beach, this can most easily be done by working with the local school district. The Long Beach school district is required by state and federal law to provide a free and appropriate education to all children who are diagnosed with any type of special need. Whether a child has ADHD, dysgraphia, a speech impediment or dyslexia, he or she can receive a free public education with individualized special services.

Legal Representation for Students with Special Needs

Children are usually referred for special services if they have been given a Response to Intervention. This is to separate the children who truly need learning disability help with those who are just experiencing a basic struggle with a new or troublesome skill or subject. If the child is still struggling after the intervention, he or she will most likely be sent for an evaluation with a psychologist through the school district. If the psychologist acknowledges the learning disability, the child will then be given an IEP, which is an Individualized Education Plan.

The IEP will list recommendation, goals, and promises for what services the child will require, what he or she should learn in school over the next year and what accommodations the child will be allowed to have in the school room. For example, the IEP will say whether the child will be left in the classroom with peers or will be in a specialized classroom. It will also list other therapies to be given, such as speech therapy or occupational therapy. Accommodations for classroom use could include assistive technology, such as calculators or dictation devices, as well as special seating or testing requirements.

Our special needs attorneys at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman are uniquely poised for helping these Long Beach children with learning disabilities to succeed throughout life. Our attorneys work only with special needs cases every day and know the current laws very well. Let us help you get your child on the road to a lifetime of success.

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