Long Beach Legal Conservatorships

A Long Beach Legal Conservatorship is an appropriate step for parents who are concerned that their special needs children will be unable to make necessary decisions once they reach adulthood at the age of 18. Once these children turn 18, they will no longer have their parents as their legal guardians unless appointed by the California courts. Without a conservatorship, parents will be unable to make financial decisions or look at their children’s medical records.

A Long Beach conservatorship will protect both the child and his or her parents. Of course, while the parents are most often chosen as conservators, occasionally the court will appoint an adult sibling or another family member or close friend. Another option in some instances is to have the court appoint a private individual who is unrelated to the family as conservator.

Responsibilities of Long Beach Legal Conservators

The Long Beach conservator will have numerous court-appointed responsibilities, many that are long-term and others that are daily needs. For example, one of the conservator’s main responsibilities is financial management. On a daily basis, this could include paying bills and depositing paychecks. Other responsibilities could include making investments, funding IRAs, and purchasing life insurance. The conservator will also have access to important records, such as medical and insurance records. This individual will be required to deal with health care providers to make wise decisions for the special needs client.

Becoming a Long Beach conservator is an important step that is often met with trepidation by family members. While they may initially feel relieved that they will continue to be able to care for their special needs child, this feeling may eventually change to one of guilt, sadness or anger as they discover all the responsibilities that they now have. A special needs attorney can help make this experience more positive. Not only can the attorney attend to the legal paperwork and courtroom appearances but also he or she will be able to help clients work through their confusing emotions, leaving them feeling pleased with the changes that have been made to protect the special needs adult who they love.

Attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman have years of experience dealing with all sorts of these cases. Most of these cases proceed through the courts with virtually no problems while others require appeals. Whatever the case may be, one of our knowledgeable attorneys will be able to provide expert guidance in all matters.

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