Long Beach Legal Guardianship

When a special needs child reaches adulthood, which happens at the age of 18 in the state of California, he or she is legally required to make his or her own decisions. However, not all special needs individuals are able to do this, and many require outside help to manage personal, medical, legal and financial affairs. Without the right help, these people may suffer physically and mentally, be unable to pay their bills and face numerous challenges that do not have to exist. A Long Beach Legal Guardianship can be your answer to all of these dilemmas.

Legal Guardianships Assist Long Beach Children With Special Needs Through Adulthood

With a Long Beach legal guardianship, these people can be protected in all of these areas because they will have an individual or an organization set up over them to make some or all of these necessary decisions. The exact way that the guardianship will be set up will depend on the individual’s family, age, and needs, and the final determination will be made by a judge at a hearing. Therefore, it is vital that those interested in being guardians for special needs individuals receive adequate legal support to get through this process.

At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, we have numerous attorneys who are dedicated to special needs law. We help families through Long Beach legal guardianship proceedings all the time and can help you understand terms, determine needs for your child, fill out and file paperwork and attend hearings. We will stick with you throughout the entire process even if things do not go your way at your first hearing.

Legal Representation & Consultation With Long Beach Guardianship Applications

Keep in mind that anyone can apply to be the individual’s guardian. While it most frequently comes down to the parents of the child or an adult sibling, it could be another relative, such as an aunt or a cousin, or it could be a friend of the family. Special needs individuals who have no family or friends who are willing to be guardians may apply to the California courts for a court-appointed guardian. Sometimes, this is a disinterested third party while other times, it is actually an organization that takes on the responsibility.

Becoming a legal guardian in Long Beach is no small matter. Instead, it is a great responsibility and privilege. The guardian will be responsible for many parts of the care for the individual and is often responsible for making a great number of medical and financial decisions.

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