Long Beach Psychological Assessments

At Newman, Aaronson Vanaman, we understand the concerns that parents have who are new to the world of special education. They may not know how to get their children into special education classes, what to do if they feel that their children are struggling in school or how to react when the school district will not listen to their concerns. Many times, a consultation with one of our helpful attorneys can help solve many of these problems. Other times, we will need to come alongside the family and fight for the rights of the special education child at the school district, regional or state level.

When Long Beach families feel that their children may qualify for special education resources from the school district, they should request a psychological assessment. These assessments may also be requested by a teacher or principal who is concerned about the child’s progress academically or about mental, social or physical symptoms that could be keeping the child back from learning. Long Beach Psychological Assessments are nothing of which one should be scared. Rather, they give everyone involved an idea of what struggles the child is having and what he or she requires to succeed in school.

Benefits of Psychological Assessments for Children in Long Beach

A psychological assessment in Long Beach is free of charge to families living within the school district. It is usually performed at the school. A school psychologist is often the person enlisted to perform the examination, and a variety of different tools may be utilized based on the symptoms and age of the child. For example, young children may simply be observed and interacted with while playing. Older children may be interviewed and asked typical school questions related to their subjects. A good psychologist will check academic records, IQ levels, attention, memory, social skills, language and more.

Parents who disagree with the results of this Long Beach Psychological Assessment are free to request their own assessments through an independent practitioner. While this will come at a cost to the parents, it can help them get a clear, unbiased view of their children’s skills and functional abilities. If the reports differ significantly, it could indicate that the school psychologist did not have the time or inclination to complete a thorough examination. Our attorneys are ready to help in these situations to ensure that children get the free and appropriate education that they deserve through the California public school system.

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