Long Beach Special Education Legal Representation

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we believe that each Long Beach Special Needs child is created uniquely and provides the world with a beautiful array of personality, character, and lessons to teach. Because of our view of these children, we also believe that special needs children should receive the education that is just right for them and that will provide them with the knowledge and confidence that they need to succeed well into adulthood.

Representing Long Beach Parents with Children with Special Needs

Sometimes, Long Beach Special Education children and their parents require help along the way to ensure they receive the type, style and amount of education that they deserve. We serve children and families in and around Long Beach, California, by providing consultations, Legal Representation and so much more. We can work directly with clients in our law offices, which are located in Sherman Oaks, or can accompany parents where they need us, such as to school offices or even courtrooms. The level of representation that parents want is up to them although we believe that most families benefit from a greater amount of representation.

When Long Beach parents have trustworthy representation, they can focus on being the parents rather than on being the mediators between their child and the school district. This can decrease stress for the individual as well as for the family and can help parents focus on their children’s other needs. With over 30 years of experience working throughout Los Angeles County, we are qualified to take on this burden and to represent Special Needs children from preschool through college age and beyond.

Individualized Educational Plans in Long Beach

While we focus a great deal of attention on Individualized Educational Plans, we realize that there are numerous other legal matters that affect our Long Beach clients. Therefore, we also have attorneys who are experienced in setting up guardianships or conservatorships as well as those who fight for equal rights for Special Needs children. Our focus is on the happiness and security of these children who often do not have as much of a voice as other children their age do.

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we are committed to the overall wellbeing of our Special Education clients and their families. If we can be of any service to families in and around the Long Beach area, please do not hesitate to contact our offices. We provide everything from brief consultations to major courtroom counsel, and our team of attorneys has they experience to win.

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