Long Beach Special Education Rules & Procedures

Long Beach special education rules and procedures are primarily governed by IDEA, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which set up the famous FAPE. FAPE refers to the guarantee for a free, appropriate public education. Because of this act, all special education students can now get the education and the additional services that they need to shine in many areas of their lives. Rather than having to forgo education altogether or be stuck in a classroom with their peers where they are unable to learn well, students can learn in the best environment for their needs and socialize with other students.

Other special education rules and procedures that affect Long Beach students have been put in place by the state of California rather than by the federal government. The state’s rules are more specific than the federal rules are and give the specific requirements and procedures to tell parents, students and teachers exactly how special education should be governed.

Preparing Long Beach Parents for Legal Rules & Procedures

The typical procedure for determining eligibility for special education services includes a full assessment that covers all areas of the child’s disability. This could include a look at motor skills, cognitive abilities, language and speech, social status, hearing, vision and more. A multi-faceted team will be in charge of determining eligibility. If the team recommends special education services, the Long Beach school district will have to provide an Individualized Education Plan for the student. This IEP will state goals for the student as well as a variety of ways to measure these specific goals. The IEP must be redone at the beginning of every school year. The state also allows parents to request IEP meetings at any other point in the year that they wish to discuss these goals and measurements.

Of course, there are some times when parents and guardians may disagree with the evaluation. In this case, Long Beach special education rules and procedures give parents several recourses. They may want to start with a meeting with school district personnel, or they may wish to try an independent evaluation that they pay for themselves.

Thanks to these Long Beach special education rules and procedures, special needs students have their interests and freedoms guarded and are required to be given a free education through the state. If you have any questions about these rules, consider contacting a professional from the office of Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law.

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