Los Angeles Accommodations

Los Angeles school districts encompass students of all ages, learning abilities, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. In this huge district, it can be easy for students and their parents to feel as if they have been left behind especially if the student has special needs. While all special needs students are required by law to have IEPs, these IEPs may not be as thorough or as closely followed as one would wish. One of the items that is most often left off the IEP or forgotten during implementation is Los Angeles accommodations.

Benefits of Accommodations for Los Angeles Special Education

Accommodations allow special education students to learn the same material that their peers are learning but gives them the ability to learn it in a different manner. Therefore, upon completion of a grade, special education students will test at approximately the same levels as their peers but will have received their education in a slightly different manner.

Los Angeles accommodations work with a student’s unique needs to create the best learning environment for all. Teachers and parents should be involved in the discussion of accommodations, and even the student may be included in the discussion if applicable. By working together as a team, everyone can work to create an amazing learning environment and to support the student throughout his or her schooling.

Tailor Accommodations for Children with Special Needs

Many accommodations have to do with the way in which the student learns. For example, some students may have difficulty reading or may find it difficult to learn from the written word. These students often use oral learning methods, visual learning aids or videos to take in new information. Students who struggle with handwriting or who find it difficult to get their thoughts out on paper may be able to do their written work on a computer or may be able to test orally. Accommodations can take into account the everyday classroom but can also include needed changes for testing these students.

Sometimes, parents need to work with a special education attorney to get the best accommodations for their children in Los Angeles. When you work with an attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, you can rest assured that you are working with an expert in the field. Our attorneys only work with special needs families and have also worked with all of the area school districts. We can help you address problems with the school district and can help develop the best IEP for your child.

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