Los Angeles Appeal Region Center Determinations

We know how frustrating it can be for Los Angeles parents to Appeal Region Center Determinations by themselves. That is why our knowledgeable special needs attorneys can step in to help at any point in the process. The appeals process can be quite overwhelming, especially for parents who have never gone through it. Families may feel as if they have no one going to bat for them, and that is why we are here to help.

Los Angeles Regional Center Determinations may be Insufficient

For over 30 years, our special needs attorneys have fought for families throughout the Los Angeles area. Sadly, these children are often forgotten throughout American society, and these families are left to fend for themselves. However, it can be nearly impossible for parents to find the services that their children need on their own, and many cannot afford special needs services. The state of California has a system that is meant to provide free public services to these children. Much to some parents’ dismay, though, these necessary services are often denied for seemingly insignificant reasons.

Representing Parents Appealing Los Angeles Special Education Decisions

At this point, Los Angeles parents must appeal the Region Center determinations. California has set forth three ways to do this. As special needs attorneys, we can be involved with parents throughout any of these steps. The first option is certainly the easiest and is available to any parent who requests it. This is called the informal meeting, which is a simple meeting between the parents and the Region Center staff to discuss what services the parents believe the child needs versus what the staff believes is needed. Many times, this simple meeting may be all that is needed to resolve the determination.

The second option is a mediator, which is only available when the state approves the request. A mediator is a neutral third party who will make a determination as he or she sees fit. When the mediator is in favor of the parents, the third appeals option is not needed.

However, parents may need a fair hearing if neither of these two options pans out for them the way they like. A Los Angeles fair hearing is an in-depth analysis of the case through a judge who will ultimately rule in either the parents’ or the state’s favor. As special needs attorneys, we can present the case in the courtroom, help parents fill out paperwork and walk with them through every step in the process.

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