Los Angeles Education Plan for Children with Special Needs

Los Angeles is such a large metropolitan area that it can be easy to feel overlooked at times particularly for those who are part of underserved populations. Newman Aaronson Vanaman Law Firm hopes to change this perception as the attorneys and paralegals here work with Special Education children throughout Los Angeles County. This law firm, located in Sherman Oaks, California, focuses specifically on creating Individualized Education Plans for Special Needs children, but also works with teenagers and college students as they reach adulthood. We believe that each person should be treated with worth and value, including in the educational setting.

Los Angeles Education & Legal Representation for Special Needs Children

The United States public school setting is a wonderful opportunity for children from all backgrounds and income levels to receive a thorough education without great expense. While the Los Angeles public school system works quite well for most youths, we see Special Needs children falling through the cracks in many school districts. They are placed in classrooms that do not take note of their particular needs, or they do not receive the one-on-one teaching that they need to succeed. What is needed in these situations is a well-thought out Individualized Educational Plan.

These IEPs as they are typically called, are formed during a meeting with the Los Angeles school district administrators and teachers along with the child’s parents. Sometimes, parents find that administrators can be difficult to work with or that the school district does not place the same emphasis on Special Education as the parents would like. In these situations, we can provide the Legal Representation that is needed to get children the freedom and rights that they deserve.

While one of our focuses is IEPs, we also provide other legal services to Los Angeles families of Special Needs students. We can provide courtroom representation in extended legal battles or can work directly with school districts to educate them on current laws. We have several attorneys who are experienced with guardianships, conservatorships, and trusts and can work with families who have Special Needs teenagers who are nearing adulthood. Overall, we have seen numerous Los Angeles Special Education children, and teenagers go on to live highly successful lives because of the excellent education they received through their IEPs. With over 30 years of experience behind the Newman Aaronson Vanaman Law Firm, we are certain that we can help any Los Angeles family with the legal challenges that they may be facing.

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