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An important part of planning for those who will live past a parent’s death is properly preparing one’s estate. Los Angeles Estate Planning takes into account everything that a person owns, which would include money as well as houses, property, belongings, vehicles, life insurance policies, stocks and anything else of value. Some families do not want to take stock of their estates or plan for the future because it takes too much time or requires too much confusing paperwork. However, should individuals die without an estate, the court system will determine what happens to the property, and the determination may not be the same as what the parents would have wanted.

Legal Representation for Los Angeles Estate Planning

Los Angeles Estate Planning is particularly important for families with special needs children in them. These children may need particular care after their parents are gone and may require great financial assets to ensure that they are cared for properly. However, if the assets are not managed carefully, these children could lose any governmental aid for which they previously qualified.

While an attorney can be good for any type of estate planning or will writing, an attorney is particularly important for families of special needs children who need Los Angeles Estate Planning. At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, there are plenty of special education attorneys who have years if not decades of experience in dealing with the court system and in drawing up financial and legal paperwork that will ensure that special needs children are properly cared for and are enjoying the freedoms that they deserve. Our team of attorneys stays up-to-date on all of the latest laws and regulations to ensure that they are at the top of their field and to help Los Angeles parents who want to know for sure that their children are covered in their wills.

Additionally, our team of attorneys and paralegals can help with Los Angeles trusts, conservatorships, and guardianships if any of these are needs in the family. This is particularly important for families who have special needs children who are not yet of legal age or for families with adult special needs children who are unable to care for their own physical, medical or financial needs. Ensuring that these are in place as soon as possible will create an easier situation for the child should the unthinkable happen and will ensure that the child is not at the mercy of the courts.

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