Los Angeles Individualized Education Program

A Los Angeles Individualized Education Program will help parents and teachers set specific goals for special education children during the school year. The law requires that these IEPs be refreshed at least once per year, but some parents choose to do this more frequently. This can be helpful for children who have rapidly changing conditions or who are doing very poorly in school and need frequent learning adjustments. Parents simply need to ask the IEP team at the Los Angeles school for a meeting time, and it should be granted.

What Does a Los Angeles IEP Provide Children with Special Needs?

The IEP meeting provides an excellent way for parents to learn more about how their special needs children are doing in school and for teachers to understand the children better. Parents can bring concerns about their children’s education to the attention of teachers and should learn of progress their children make. By law, the school is required to notify parents of measurements or assessments that their children take that show their progress. Teachers can use this meeting time to understand any idiosyncrasies that the child has as well as personal goals of the student.

The IEP meeting should not be a scary time but rather a chance to practice open communication. There should be an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration between the Los Angeles school district and the family. Overall, it should be a positive experience for all involved. Should the student attend, he or she should feel that everyone is working together for his or her success?

Moving Forward with Los Angeles Individualized Education Programs

Another part of the Los Angeles Individualized Education Program is transition planning. By law, transition planning must be in place by at least the age of 16. Some states or school districts may start this as early as 14 depending on local laws or student needs. Transition planning is meant to guide the school as it gets the student ready for the next part of his or her life. This could include educational planning towards college goals, vocational training in preparation for a job or something else.

Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman supports families during the construction and revision of Los Angeles Individualized Education Programs. We know this can be a stressful time, and we have knowledgeable attorneys who can walk alongside you as you go through this process. Parents who feel that their children’s needs are not being met through the school district can also find legal aid in our offices.

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