Los Angeles Psychological Assessments

Many individuals have prejudices against psychologists of which they may not even be aware. They believe that if they go to a psychologist, they must have a major mental problem. There is often a stigma about this, and many individuals will not seek psychological care for themselves or their children even if it is recommended. Parents of special needs children may immediately feel on edge when they find out that their children need Los Angeles Psychological Assessments. Instead of digging in your heels, find out more about these assessments and banish your dread of them.

When Should Los Angeles Children with Special Needs Receive Psychological Assessments?

A Los Angeles Psychological Assessment is required for any child being considered for special education resources in the school district. This applies to children with mental disabilities as well as those with learning or physical disabilities. The psychologist will have a different type of testing procedure based on the type of disability for which he is testing. The psychologist’s recommendation is needed before the school district will provide special services.

While Los Angeles parents can request this assessment, the assessment may be recommended by a teacher or another leader in the school district. The recommendation may be made for numerous reasons, such as if the child is falling behind significantly in his studies or does not function normally in social settings.

Helping Parents Through the Los Angeles Psychological Assessment Process

Many of the parts of the Los Angeles Psychological Assessment are subjective in nature, meaning that the psychologist must make a judgment call based on his or her observations. The good psychologist will take into account known disabilities, standardized test norms, distractions that were present, student confusion and much more.

Once these tests are completed, the psychologist will make recommendations based on the results of the tests and on the actual services that the Los Angeles school district can provide. The recommendations should be clear and logical. If services are denied based on this assessment, the report should be very clear as to why this was done. The report should not be filled with medical jargon or with recommendations that the school district has no way of fulfilling.

Some parents may feel discouraged if their child is denied services based on this report. They may not understand why this was done or may disagree with the results of the tests. In this case, we recommend that parents contact one of our attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman who can work closely with the family.

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