Los Angeles Rights of Children with Disabilities

The law of the United States ensures that all children living in the country receive a free public education. Educational laws extend even to those who have physical, mental or other types of disabilities that could seem to keep them outside the general classroom. The beauty of these Los Angeles rights of children with disabilities is that they ensure that special needs children are educated without any cost to their families. Although special education services can sometimes become expensive, parents will not have to worry about this when they send their children to public school.

Representing the Rights of Los Angeles Children

Los Angeles special needs children will not be discriminated against in the public school classroom. Instead, they will be given the best educations possible in the least restrictive environments whether that is in a general classroom or in a special education classroom. In addition, these students will receive Individualized Education Plans to help direct their learning over the course of the school year. This IEP will list specific goals for the year as well as discuss the special services that the student will receive, such as testing accommodations or specialized transportation to school. This IEP will be a joint work of the school district and the parents.

Of course, not all Los Angeles special needs children must attend public school. While students are allowed to attend private schools or to be homeschooled in a manner fitting with state law, they may not be able to receive the same types of services as they would receive in a public school setting, and some services may no longer be free. It is important that parents and guardians of these special needs students understand their rights and the rights of their children according to the law to ensure that their children are receiving exactly what they need through the Los Angeles school district.

As with any type of legal matter, wording and meanings can become somewhat garbled especially for parents who have no experience with special needs laws. We recommend discussing any concerns that you may have with an attorney from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law. Our attorneys work solely with special needs cases and specialize in special education law. You can rest assured that we will walk with you through every step of the process, explaining everything as we go. Let us help you carry this burden, and experience great peace of mind with our services.

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