Los Angeles Special Education Representation

The American educational system can be difficult to understand for any parent, and this is particularly true for Los Angeles parents of special needs children. Many parents may feel that their children are not receiving the proper amount of attention to meet their needs and may feel that their children do not have the resources they need to succeed later in life. However, not many parents feel ready to take on the educational system and fight for their children’s rights by themselves. The laws are too complicated, and the red tape is seemingly endless. This is where excellent Los Angeles special education representation can be imperative.

Providing Legal Representation throughout Los Angeles

Newman Aaronson Vanaman is located on Ventura Boulevard just north of Los Angeles and serves families throughout the metropolitan area. We provide legal counsel to parents and legal guardians of special needs children to help them understand the system and discover what rights their children have. Our mindset is that every child is important; therefore, we serve families of all socioeconomic levels and all ethnicities. Some of our staff even focuses primarily on underserved populations in Los Angeles.

We provide representation to parents who are working with the school district on individualized educational plans. Knowing that there is someone else who is on their side can give parents the confidence they need. We can also step in when necessary and explain legal jargon, educate schoolteachers and school administration on changing laws and ensure that children are receiving the resources that have been promised them.

Los Angeles County Special Education Legal Service

Some Los Angeles families may need higher levels of legal defense, and we have attorneys who specialize in winning rights for special needs children in the courtroom. Newman Aaronson Vanaman can help with litigation, legal paperwork, and cases that appear before judges. We have been winning cases in and out of the courtroom for over 30 years and therefore have plenty of experience in all scenarios. Our Los Angeles clients know that they can trust us to be considerate, knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional at all times.

Many parents of special needs children need someone to come alongside them to help them understand what they can expect for their children and how they need to provide for them as they age. Newman Aaronson Vanaman has only the best interests of our Los Angeles special needs clients at heart and will work tirelessly to assure that they receive the educational foundation that they deserve.

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