Los Angeles Special Education Rules & Procedures

At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we help parents and guardians in California understand the many Los Angeles special education rules and procedures that currently exist and make these individuals aware of changes that could affect their special need’s children’s learning environments. While these rules and procedures are in place for the greater good of these children, they can seem to make life difficult at times for those parents and guardians who are working to ensure that their children receive free and appropriate educations in their local school districts or in private schools.

All Los Angeles special education rules and regulations begin with IDEA, which is the Individuals with Disabilities Act. This act also contains several other important federal rules, such as FAPE, which stands for free and public education, as well as LRE, which stands for the least restrictive environment. While all California school districts subscribe to these federal rules and regulations, local procedures may differ significantly based on a school district’s administrators and budget.

Legal Representation for Los Angeles Special Education

We have found that many of our clients in Los Angeles need legal help to get the resources that their children need. Despite many school’s best efforts, many individuals still find that special needs students do not have the right resources, are not following a correctly administered Individualized Educational Plan or are not progressing through their educational experiences as they should.

That is why we offer to work with Los Angeles families one on one. We can speak with school districts to ensure that all rules and procedures are being followed as specified. We can attend IEP meetings with families and can also speak on a child’s behalf. We even offer help to children who are nearing adulthood and who need correct transitional planning through the school district.

California certainly offers plenty of rules and procedures for families of special education students residing in Los Angeles. These are in place to ensure that children receive free, adequate educational services in public schools and to ensure that students receive proper testing and diagnoses for their disabilities. These rules also include regulations for filling out paperwork, for applying for additional assistance and for getting additional resources, such as transportation. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about special education rules and procedures or if you need an experienced attorney to represent you with a special needs case.

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