Pasadena Appeal Region Center Determinations

To Appeal Region Center Determinations in Pasadena, parents need a healthy dose of optimism with the perseverance to attack the problem until the end. These processes are rarely short despite the desire of both parties to work the situation out quickly. Appeals can also be downright confusing with deadlines, paperwork, and appearances for meetings and court cases. That is why we recommend working with a special needs attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman.

NAV Law Represents Pasadena Families Seeking Appeals

Pasadena families with special needs children may feel as if they are left in the dust most of the time with no one to stand up for the needs of their child who has physical or mental disabilities or developmental delays. These families may apply for special needs services through the state but find out that they have been denied services because the state does not see things the way that parents do. At this point, parents have three options.

First, they can simply apply for a fair hearing, which will allow the case to appear before a judge who will make a ruling for either the family or the state. It can take a while to wait for a fair hearing, however, and parents may miss out on valuable time that their child could already have been participating in special needs activities. Instead, we recommend that parents apply for a fair hearing but also simultaneously request one of the other two Pasadena appeals options. The informal meeting and the state-appointed mediator can both be set up much faster than a fair hearing can be, allowing some parents to come to happy resolutions far soon than they would have expected. California is required to give informal meetings to parents who request them but are allowed to deny the request for a mediator if they choose. The informal meeting is held between the parents and the regional center staff. The mediator is also used in a meeting setting but is a state-appointed neutral third party who will make a judgment based on the facts presented.

We understand that this process can be quite stressful for parents who are already worried about their children’s physical and mental welfare. That is why we can step in at any point in the process to take over the fight for the rights of these very special Pasadena children to receive the special needs services that they have been promised from the state.

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