Pasadena Court Litigations

Pasadena court litigations are sometimes required for special education students who are unable to receive the accommodations, modifications or special services that they require in their local school districts. While there are many other options that can be tried first to iron out the problems between the family and the school district, some issues simply cannot be solved outside the courtroom. In these cases, Pasadena families need trusted attorneys on their side who understand the current laws, are familiar with similar preceding cases and are willing to fight for the child’s educational rights.

Representing Pasadena Students and Family in Court Litigation

Every student in Pasadena has rights under federal law even if they have special needs. In fact, special education students are protected by such laws as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. These laws ensure that all students receive free, appropriate educations in public schools. IDEA requires that every student who is evaluated and is shown to have special needs receive an IEP to direct the course of the school year. This IEP will tell teachers what the child needs to learn that year and will help parents see whether the child is progressing in school as appropriate.

However, parents and teachers do not always come to the same agreement with these IEPs. Parents may feel that their children need special resources, such as tutoring, or special testing privileges to do their best in school. On the other hand, parents may feel strongly that their children be placed in general classrooms with their peers rather than in special education classrooms where they may be inadvertently held behind. These matters are incredibly important for Pasadena families to consider because a child’s education sets him or her up for success or failure later in life. A great education allows students to go to college if they wish or lead otherwise full adult lives.

To get the educational services that are needed, families may need to work with special education lawyers during court litigation against the Pasadena school district. While court litigation sounds serious, it basically allows lawyers to come together and hash out details. Most cases do not even have to go to trial. However, if a trial is needed, families can work with the same lawyers who helped with litigation. In the Pasadena area, turn to Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law for expert special education legal care.

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