Pasadena Education Plan for Children with Special Needs

Newman Aaronson Vanaman Law Firm serves the families of all socioeconomic levels throughout the Los Angeles County area including the city of Pasadena. The attorneys, paralegals and ancillary staff at our location in Sherman Oaks, California, are dedicated to the mental, financial and educational wellbeing of some of the youngest members of our community. We serve our clients who have Special Needs whether they are physical or mental. Our primary goal is to ensure that they are fully served by the educational plans of the United States and California.

Experts in Special Education Plans for Pasadena Children

Families with Special Education students in Pasadena are guaranteed by state law that their children receive public education provided in the least restrictive environment possible that meets the student’s needs. This could include a tutor, smaller classes or extra playtime learning. These students are required to have Individualized Educational Plans created for them each year. These plans are generally made by a collaboration between school administration and teachers along with the student’s parents.

However, some Pasadena parents feel that their Special Needs children are not receiving the education that they deserve or that they are being taught in an unnecessarily restrictive environment. This is where we can help. Our knowledgeable attorneys can provide whatever type of Legal Representation is needed from attending Individualized Educational Plan meetings in school districts to providing courtroom representation should the need arise. We can work with children of all ages from preschool through high school. We have seen numerous Pasadena clients succeed more than could ever be imagined in their elementary and high school educational years and go on to higher education. With our legal representation, Special Needs students can receive the resources that they need to learn, understand and be supported in such a way that they can live full, complete adult lives, hold down jobs and be contributing members of society.

We love our jobs, and we love serving all of our clients throughout Pasadena. Families who come to see us will immediately notice our unique office environment that combines a professional, respectful aspect with kindness, thoughtfulness and a desire to serve each client compassionately as an individual. With over 30 years of experience in our area, we are convinced that we have the expertise to handle any type of Special Needs problem. With a particular emphasis on underserved populations, we are making a real difference throughout Pasadena and Los Angeles County.

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