Pasadena Estate Planning Legal Representation

Pasadena Estate Planning is vital for parents of all ages. While many think that it is necessary only for those who are nearing retirement age, it is actually an important process for parents of any age. Although one does not want to believe that it could ever happen, an accident resulting in death for both parents could leave a minor child or a child with special needs in the hands of the court. This means that a court-appointed guardian could be chosen, and it may not be the person that the parents would have chosen. Additionally, the inheritance from the parents’ assets will be controlled by the courts and may not be dispersed according to the parents’ wishes.

Pasadena Parents Benefit from Estate Planning

While Pasadena Estate Planning is important for any parent, it is essential for parents with special needs children whether they are minors or adults. If the child cannot take care of himself or herself according to the law or according to needs, he or she will need to have enough assets to keep up their care and livelihood as well as a guardian or conservator depending on the needs of the individual. Parents can set up these options ahead of their deaths with the courts and can stipulate the division of property and assets in their wills.

Additionally, Pasadena parents should also set forth information about their medical care and living choices should they be unable to make these decisions for themselves. Those who have special needs children will need to keep in mind their own care as well as the care of the child. The best person to help with this is an attorney who is aware of current special needs law as well as the Pasadena laws for estate planning.

Professional Legal Representation for Pasadena Estate Planning

An attorney well-versed in Pasadena estate planning can help throughout the life of the parents. Instead of a one-time plan, an attorney at Newman Aaronson Vanaman will ensure that individuals feel that they have constant care, and the attorney will constantly review and update the plan to keep it in line with the law. They will ensure that a proper guardian is named, that special needs children are provided for monetarily and that a trust is set up if needed.

It can be difficult to think about major future needs especially when a special needs child is involved, but Newman Aaronson Vanaman can help with each step of the process.

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