Pasadena Fiscal Planning

Many people these days feel completely uncomfortable working with finances. This may keep them from crafting budgets, making investments or having a savings plan in place. However, nearly everyone will agree that financial planning is important for a secure and stress-free future. Pasadena fiscal planning is even more important for special needs families that will incur expenses for the special needs individual long into adulthood. Extra expenses often come in the area of medical needs but could also include housing, medical supplies, special insurance, extra educational tools and much more. By having a smart plan in place, parents can limit their stress while also feeling comfortable with where their money is going.

The Process of Fiscal Planning for Families in Pasadena

The first step is to find a professional to help with this planning process in Pasadena. Families will want to find someone who is experienced and who is deeply familiar with California law. Also, finding an attorney dedicated only to special needs matters can help make the process simpler. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we only work with special needs cases, and we are ready to help with educational, financial and legal matters for these families.

Next, families will need to consider how much Pasadena fiscal planning is really necessary. This will have to be an estimate based on the type of care the person is currently receiving and how much care he or she will most likely need as the years pass.

Of course, Pasadena families will also need to consider what types of accounts or funds they should have. A common step is setting up a special needs trust with a trustee who oversees where the money goes. The trustee will have an important role as all of the money in the fund is designated to pay for the special needs person’s care.

Finally, families will need to ensure that they keep their financial plans up-to-date over the years especially as some matters change, such as the amount of governmental benefits that the person receives. Families may also need to make financial changes should a loved one die and leave money for the special needs individual in a will. This money should go into a trust to provide for the individual without ruining his or her chances of receiving benefits.

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