Pasadena High Education for Children Special Needs

The pathway to higher education begins in high school when students are given the foundational blocks to success through electives, advanced mathematics and science courses and extracurricular activities that match their current interests and ready them for what is ahead in their lives. High school can be a difficult period for even the best students. Tests focus more on analytical abilities, and papers and other school projects can be long and difficult. However, the special education student will find this time even more difficult. 

Helping Pasadena Students with Special Needs Succeed

Most special education students in Pasadena require extra guidance from school counselors. They may also require tutoring in one or more classes and may need to take some of their classes outside the traditional classroom. Some students also require either accommodations or modifications in the classroom in order to succeed. However, the only way to get any of these special requests is to have an IEP, and this first requires an evaluation. 

Pasadena high education for children with special needs can be quite successful when an ideal IEP is in place. However, without the right IEP and an emphasis on regular help and guidance throughout the formative high school years, these students may struggle and may not be fully prepared for college or careers after graduation. It is important that they have someone who can advocate for them in Pasadena.

Providing Legal Advice to Pasadena Families Seeking Higher Education

Our attorneys at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman specialize in special education law, and we have been giving premier legal advice to special needs families in Pasadena for years. We understand how frustrating the educational process can be for these families and how stressed parents can feel if they must battle the educational system alone. That is why we are here to advocate for your student and your family. We can work directly with the school district or can support or represent you in fair hearings or in the courtroom when necessary. Because we understand just how important good Pasadena high education for children with special needs is, we work hard to help our high school students and their family members as quickly as possible.

High school is a challenging time of life for any student, but our attorneys at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman are here to help it go as smoothy as possible for special education students. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you or to schedule a consultation with an expert.

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