Pasadena Learning Disability

While it can be difficult for parents and guardians to learn how to deal with a Pasadena learning disability, this is not a prescription for disaster. In fact, with the help of trained professionals, families can discover ways to get their children through school and also help them succeed later in life. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, we specialize in special education law. Therefore, you can turn to us with all of your legal and educational questions about special needs.

IEP Set Plans for Children with Learning Disabilities

If you believe that your child has a Pasadena learning disability, he or she should receive an IEP from your local public school district. An IEP is an Individualized Educational Plan, and it details the special services that your child can receive. Additionally, it lists the goals that your child should meet within the next school year. The IEP is more than just a basic vision for the school year. Instead, it is a detailed list of everything that your child needs to succeed along with a complete list of specific, measurable goals.

The IEP is created at the beginning of the school year. If you have concerns about your child’s learning or think that your child is not meeting his or her educational goals appropriately, you can request an IEP meeting at any other time during the school year. During the IEP meeting, you will be able to talk with your child’s teachers as well as school administrators. If you still do not feel that you have been successful following this meeting, you can talk to a special education attorney who can go to the IEP meeting with you and advocate for the needs of your child with a Pasadena learning disability.

Transition Planning for Pasadena Children with Learning Disabilities

As your child progresses in school, he or she will undergo transitional planning. This is required to be done by the age of 16 although some school districts start earlier. Transitional planning is designed to help those with Pasadena learning disabilities to succeed when it is time to graduate. Transitional planning puts goals in place for going to college or vocational school for students who wish to do this. Others may just want to enter the general workforce immediately.

Having a Pasadena learning disability does not disqualify your child from truly succeeding in life. With the right planning and the best professional help, he or she can learn, grow and thrive throughout childhood and into adulthood.

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