Pasadena Legal Guardianship

Pasadena legal guardianships protect special needs adults from poor financial and personal decisions that could cause them physical, mental, social and financial harm. In some cases, special needs individuals are not able to make their own decisions due to mental disabilities. Under the age of 18, the individuals are legally under the care of their parents who are able to discuss medical and financial matters in place of the child. However, if there is not guardianship in place at the age of 18, these children will be legally expected to make their own decisions, and parents will no longer be able to speak for them.

We strongly recommend that families seek wise legal counsel when looking into Pasadena legal guardianships. These matters can get very confusing and can become quite difficult if more than one person is seeking to be a guardian or if there is no one willing to be the guardian. With legal counsel from a special needs attorney at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, families can get expert advice and help through every step of the process.

Legal Representation Helping Parents Consider Legal Guardianship

Parents typically want to look into becoming their children’s guardians, or they may want to become co-guardians. However, in some very complex cases, parents prefer to have a third party appointed by the courts as a guardian. In these cases, a judge often chooses a non-profit agency or a private corporation to serve as guardian.

Before you make your decision regarding Pasadena legal guardianship, you will want to understand this matter thoroughly because it can significantly affect the rest of your child’s life. You may want to consider other alternatives to guardianships, such as conservatorships. On the other hand, if your child does need help but is able to make some decisions for himself, a partial or limited guardianship may be what is needed.

Our attorneys can help individuals get petitions prepared for the courts well before a child’s eighteenth birthday. This will help families avoid gaps in guardianships, which can make it difficult to pay bills for the child or discuss medical care. Gaps can make decisions about financial or legal care extremely difficult if not impossible to make. We encourage you to contact our offices as soon as possible so that we can walk you through this entire process. We can also help you renew your paperwork each year so that you can retain legal guardianship in Pasadena.

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