Pasadena Psychological Assessments

Pasadena Psychological Assessments must be performed on any child before he or she can be approved for special education resources by the local school district. This may sound like a scary prospect, but it really does not have to be. Some parents may feel nervous about the term “psychological, ” but this actually denotes an in-depth test and interview of the student to determine his abilities when it comes to learning, socializing and more.

The Psychological Assessment Process for Pasadena Children with Special Needs

Every school psychologist in Pasadena has a slightly different way of performing a psychological assessment. Moreover, the assessments will differ based on the child’s needs and disabilities. For example, students who have learning difficulties may be given more standardized tests to see how they rank compared to their peers. Students who have mental disabilities may be assessed with rating scales that look at how they process their emotions or socialize with peers. A variety of other tests may be used as well, such as direct interviews between the student and the psychologist, observation of play or behaviors and sociocultural assessments that may require the parents’ participation.

Helping Pasadena Parents to Find the Best Educate for Their Children

In the perfect world, every Pasadena school psychologist would have plenty of time for each assessment to ensure that he or she sees every facet of the students’ needs. However, this is often not the case. Pasadena Psychological Assessments may feel rushed and may be sped along if the psychologist has many assessments that he or she needs to do before the start of school. In some cases, the psychologist may even be hampered by prior prejudices that may throw the assessment into a new light. Students may face distractions and problems with taking standardized tests.

Because of these and other factors, parents of special needs children may feel as if they are denied special education services that their child needs. They may feel that the decision was reached unfairly or that the psychologist did not look at every aspect of the child’s disability. In these cases, the parent may request a new Pasadena Psychological Assessment from a private psychologist or can request a fair hearing.

Our attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman can help with any of these concerns because we specialize in special education law. We have seen many cases in which a child should have been recommended for special education resources but was instead denied. Contact us today to find out how we can help your family.

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