Pasadena Rights of Children with Disabilities

The United States and California laws are filled with acts that defend the rights of children with disabilities. Of note is the highly important Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, also called IDEA. This law specifically protects the Pasadena rights of children with disabilities through the age of 21. Under this law, tens of thousands of children have been able to receive excellent educations through the public school system without any additional expense to their parents or guardians.

The Rights of Pasadena Children with Special Needs to IEPs

The key to IDEA is the IEP, which is the Individualized Education Plan. This plan is put into place for children who are at least three years of age who are receiving educational help in a public school. The IEP states the goals for the coming school year and discusses means that will be used to help children meet these goals. For example, the IEP may talk about tutoring services, testing accommodations, classroom modifications or transportation that will help the child make as much progress during the year as is possible. Children under the age of three will receive an Individualized Family Service Plan instead.

Either of these plans is designed with the help of parents or guardians as well as with the influence of special education teachers and other professionals associated with the Pasadena school district. These should be seen as fluid documents that can change if they are not working well for the student. Parents are allowed to ask for meetings throughout the school year to discuss concerns and to ask for changes to the IEP. In addition, parents are required to receive prior written notification if the school district intends to make changes to the student’s education or educational setting. This gives parents the chance to connect with teachers or to dispute the charges through a due process hearing.

These and other laws protect the Pasadena rights of children with disabilities. Although these students may not have the ability or the knowledge to fight for their own rights, parents and guardians can resort to the safety of these laws to help children receive the educations that they deserve. In addition, families can work with special education attorneys from Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law to receive legal help if they are unable to work out differences between themselves and the Pasadena school district. Our attorneys have years of experience in working solely with special needs children and their educational needs.

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