Pasadena Special Education Representation

Newman Aaronson Vanaman specializes in special education representation for Pasadena and the surrounding metropolitan area. We have been helping families with special needs children since 1981, and our years of experience ensure that our current clients receive the benefits of our combined knowledge bases. We have numerous attorneys and paralegals on staff who can walk families through every step of the legal process as they work on winning their special needs children the rights and benefits that they certainly deserve.

We work with Pasadena children who are physically disabled as well as those who have mental disabilities that affect the way that they learn in school. Our Pasadena clients know that they can count on us for help with Individualized Educational Plans, or IEPs, for guardianships or conservatorships, for fair hearings, for estate planning and even for courtroom battles. Each of our attorneys on staff specializes in one or two concerns, giving our clients exactly what they need for their unique situations. We can sort out the legal terminology and the proper paperwork, giving our clients the peace of mind that they crave.

Leading Pasadena Special Education Legal Representation

One thing that Pasadena parents often want is someone to come along side them in meetings with school administrators and teachers. When they have someone on their side, particularly someone with a legal background, the school district is often more inclined to follow the delineations of the IEP and to work closely with the parents. When these wishes are repeatedly left unmet, we can lead parents through a fair hearing or can even go to bat for them in a legal battle in a courtroom.

We approach each situation as unique and realize that to succeed with our Pasadena clients; we must get to know them and their individualized needs. We take the time to meet with our clients in a relaxed setting without any pressure where they will feel free to share and discuss their concerns, no matter how small they may seem at the time.

Parents should know that they will need attorneys with intricate knowledge of special needs laws to get the best resources for their children. Not every lawyer has the experience or even the education to manage these legal matters properly. We encourage potential Pasadena clients to get to know us and discover for themselves exactly what it is that makes our firm the right choice when it some to special needs representation.

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