Pasadena Special Education Rules & Procedures

Pasadena special education rules and procedures are put into place to ensure that every special needs child receives the education that he or she deserves. They encompass several distinct federal rules as well as numerous rules, regulations, and policies put into place by the state of California. While they are there to protect the freedoms of the child, to ensure that he or she receives proper education and to allow the child to go onto a rich adult life, they can sometimes be difficult for parents to understand. If you are a parent or guardian struggling to deal with Pasadena special education rules and procedures or if you are having trouble working around a particularly difficult rule, please contact one of our experienced attorneys at Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law.

Legal Representation Through Pasadena Special Education Proceedings

Our attorneys can provide you with a brief overview of those rules and procedures that are over you and your special needs child in the educational setting. We can also help you work with your local school district in Pasadena to get the educational resources that your child needs. If you are struggling to get your child an appropriate IEP or the resources that you believe he or she needs to lead a balanced and rich life, we can fight on your behalf. Even if you have been unable to come to an agreement with your local school district and are currently fighting a legal battle in fair hearings or in court, we can represent you and back you up for the freedom of your child.

We understand that Pasadena special education rules and procedures can be numerous. By taking a look at two of the biggest ones, we can help you to understand the goal of special education in California. First, every state adopts a federal mandate called IDEA, which stands for the Individuals with Disabilities Act. Beneath this law is FAPE, which has been put into place to ensure that all special education students receive a free, appropriate public education. This means that your special needs child residing in Pasadena is required by law to receive public education in your school district in as free of a manner as possible and in the least restrictive environment possible.

Do not think that you have to work with Pasadena special education rules and procedures by yourself. When you work with Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, you will always have an ally.

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