Santa Clarita Appeal Region Center Determinations

Santa Clarita Appeal Region Center Determinations can be a lengthy process fraught with tension and concern that necessary services will be lost. However, with the help of a trusted special needs attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman, parents or guardians can feel that they have a wise professional on their sides. Plus, they will be able to relax during the process and spend time with their children rather than on paperwork or on researching the appeals process.

Appeal Process for Santa Clarita Special Education Determination

The state of California has set forth an appeals process to be used for any family who has requested special needs services or who is currently receiving special needs services from the state. In Santa Clarita, when a child is denied these services or has their services removed, parents guardians or conservators can appeal the process in one or more of three different ways.

  • The first option is the informal meeting. During this meeting, parents or guardians will meet with one or more people from the Santa Clarita Regional Center to see if they can come to a peaceful resolution on which they can all agree. An attorney is also allowed to attend this informal meeting.
  • The second option is mediation. In this process, parents or guardians and regional center employees also meet together, but a state-appointed mediator joins them as a neutral party to help them come to a resolution. While the state cannot deny a request for an informal meeting, it is allowed to deny a request for a mediator.
  • The third and strongest option is to request a fair hearing in Santa Clarita. This can be taken as the last step in the process or may be chosen instead of either of the other two options. A special needs attorney is especially helpful during a fair hearing. This takes place in a court-like setting where a judge will preside over the decision to be made.

While a Santa Clarita appeals process can be lengthy, a special needs attorney can improve the process with a vast amount of knowledge about the topic and by attending all meetings with parents or in place of parents. A special needs attorney can help fill out paperwork, keep parents posted about the next steps in the process and inform them when the state makes a determination. Often, a special needs attorney has the necessary clout to get parents the determination that they want for their child.

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