Santa Clarita Children with Physical Disabilities

Santa Clarita Children with Physical Disabilities are often at a disadvantage in school and around the neighborhood when compared to their peers. They may have difficulty getting around due to gross motor deficits or may have trouble performing certain tasks in school because of fine motor issues. These concerns could be caused by a genetic problem, a degenerative illness or some other cause. Whatever the problem may be, we often see these children struggling to thrive in their lives.

At Newman Aaronson Vanaman, we are concerned about the lack of freedoms that these Santa Clarita children are experiencing. They are often left behind in the school environment and may not be able to go on to college if they do not receive the appropriate elementary and high school education. Our goal is to fight for the rights of Santa Clarita children with physical disabilities particularly in the school district setting to ensure that they are receiving the free and appropriate education that is guaranteed to them under United States law.

Legal Representation for Santa Clarita Children with Disabilities

Santa Clarita children with physical disabilities who attend public school in the local school district may feel that they are not able to keep up with their classmates due to their limitations. This may make them feel self-conscious and can certainly hinder their ability to learn in the classroom. These children may simply need extra time to complete tasks or may need certain changes made in the physical design of the classroom or playground to allow them to participate in general activities with their classmates. However, some school districts may not be open to making these changes because of financial reasons or time constraints.

Parents of these children may feel as if their hands are tied when dealing with the school district. They may feel as if their concerns are not heard and that the school district does not care about what they have to say. Parents may also feel as if they do not have the necessary energy reserves to deal with the school district themselves.

This is where an attorney can be a real boon for parents of Santa Clarita children with disabilities. We can step alongside these parents and do the legwork for them. We can meet with school districts to review the legal requirements and to ensure that they make necessary changes. In addition, attorneys from Newman Aaronson Vanaman can attend district meetings, regional hearings and even courtroom sessions should the need arise.

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