Santa Clarita Court Litigations

Santa Clarita court litigations are sometimes necessary for special education students who are not getting satisfactory responses from the school district. Most concerns are usually first addressed in IEP meetings or in other meetings between parents or guardians and teachers and other school district staff. However, differences cannot always be solved in this easy of a way. Sometimes, parents believe that their child needs a particular service based on independent evaluations or on things that they see at home from their children. It can sometimes be difficult to get Santa Clarita teachers and administrators to see things the same way.

This is when a special education attorney should become involved and when Santa Clarita court litigation may be necessary. These attorneys are well-versed in special education law and have spent their careers studying applicable legal battles and fighting in courtroom settings themselves. They are also able to meet with school district administrators on behalf of the family to try to solve problems outside the courtroom.

However, it occasionally becomes necessary to take this legal fight into the courtroom so that the student can receive the free and appropriate public education guaranteed to him or her under federal and California state law. Several laws have been passed in recent decades dealing with these rights. Perhaps the most recognized one is IDEA, which is the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. However, FERPA, which is the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and NCLB, which is No Child Left Behind, also deal with these same matters.

Professionals at NAV Law Represents Families in Court Litigation

No parent without a law degree will want to try to understand the minutiae of these laws or fight the battle in the courtroom without someone knowledgeable on their side. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, our special education attorneys have dedicated themselves to these types of battles for years, proving that they are always on the side of justice for students. Our attorneys believe that not only is a great education guaranteed to these children by law but also that every person deserves the best possible start in life. After all, success in school can often translate into success in adulthood.

If you are dealing with Santa Clarita court litigation for a special education child, contact one of our experienced attorneys today. We only deal with special needs law and particularly focus on the education aspect, making us your wise choice for thorough legal care.

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