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In the case of special needs families, Santa Clarita Estate Planning will take into account the future needs and desires of the parents as well as the future financial and physical care of the special needs child. While estate planning is important for all adults as they age, it is particularly important for families who have children who may be unable to care for themselves in adulthood. If they are not able to care for themselves, they will be at the whim of the justice system later in life. A good estate plan will ensure that the special needs child has a guardian or conservator to care for all aspects of daily care, including health care, feeding, housing, and finances.

However, Santa Clarita estate planning requires quite a bit of work because there are numerous forms and documents that must be filed with the state in order for the plan to be legal. Most families do not feel adequate to this level of planning and would prefer the help of qualified special needs attorneys. These attorneys are able to decrease the amount of time that estate planning takes and to set the minds of parents and adult special needs children at ease. Most parents feel that this service is well worth the money because of the time they save and because they are sure that all paperwork has been filed correctly.

Legal Representation for Parents Processing Santa Clarita Estate Planning

Santa Clarita is served by premier special needs attorneys, known as Newman Aaronson Vanaman, who have decades of experience with all types of special education cases. While they focus primarily on the needs of children who have special needs struggles in school, attorneys here also help adult special needs individuals who require help with trusts and conservatorships among other concerns. They can also meet with parents who are concerned about their adult special needs children and who need help knowing how to solve the many problems surrounding their care.

Santa Clarita attorneys at Newman Aaronson Vanaman focus on the overall care of the entire family and fight for the freedoms that special needs clients are often lacking. They realize that these people are often forgotten members of society and may be overlooked when it comes to education, health care, and even housing. They believe that these individuals deserve equal treatment and that they deserve to age gracefully and with full levels of care from loved ones and from society.

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