Santa Clarita Fiscal Planning

Santa Clarita fiscal planning for families with special needs individuals should be done to protect the family’s assets and to ensure that the special needs individual has plenty of money in an account that will help them pay their bills as needed. However, many families have no idea where to start when they begin considering fiscal planning. They may hope that they can coast by the way that they always have, but they will quickly discover a few snags along the way.

For example, raising a special needs child in Santa Clarita simply takes more money than is required to raise a child without any special physical or mental needs. In fact, it is estimated that it costs approximately four times more on average to raise a special needs child as compared to his medically healthy peer. This can make it difficult for parents to afford necessary treatments or to retire. Families who must still take care of their special needs children once they reach adulthood will have even more financial needs to consider, such as how to pay for housing, daycare and other costs that are not covered by the government.

Legal Representation & Guidance for Santa Clarita Fiscal Planning

When families meet with a professional who is knowledgeable in special needs financial matters, they can learn more about Santa Clarita fiscal planning and can begin to create their own plan that will work well for them. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we provide legal counsel for a variety of special needs matters, including finances, future planning, and education. We are dedicated to special needs matters only and thus are your trusted source on this topic. Some of the many tasks that we do every day for fiscal planning include setting up trusts, discussing how much money will be needed in a trust and setting up guardians and conservators for adult special needs individuals.

While Santa Clarita fiscal planning can be confusing, our dedicated attorneys can help break it down into manageable steps. We can walk with families as they consider how their wills are set up, how they will pay for their child’s bills now and how they will ensure that the child is provided for after the parents’ demise. Whether a family needs help with legal counsel, paperwork or planning or simply needs to understand a few of the basics about special needs fiscal planning, we are your trusted source for help.

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