Santa Clarita High Education for Children Special Needs

Santa Clarita high education for children with special needs is most often given in the public school district, although some families choose private education or home education to better match their own personal or religious beliefs or preferences. However, the public school district is typically believed to be able to provide the best quality of education for these students as high school students will continue to have access to important IEPs, accommodations, publicly funded educational resources, and the best technology. Many times, private schools cannot provide these extra resources or additional tutoring, and homeschooling families have to pay for any additional resources that they need.

Therefore, most Santa Clarita families who have special needs children attending high school will find themselves working closely with the local school district to together create the best educational plan for the student. Depending on the abilities of the child, the high school student may also be invited to attend these informational and brainstorming meetings, allowing the student to have a direct say in his or her education. Hearing directly from the student as to what he or she needs or wants often helps school district officials in Santa Clarita to provide these necessary services without as much pushback.

Providing Assistance for Santa Clarita Children Seeking Higher Education

However, there are certainly still cases in which special needs families in Santa Clarita have a difficult time securing the necessary services for their special needs children who are in high school or who are getting quite close to graduation and a college education. Families may disagree with teachers over what should be on the IEP or on what special services should be provided through the district. In these cases, it is best to seek help from a legal professional who is used to working with the school district and who has the background, knowledge, and experience necessary to represent these families.

At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, we make it our goal to help special education families get the resources that they need, so that special needs high school students are adequately prepared for adulthood or for higher education. Our attorneys work solely with special education law but are also well-versed in the psychological and medical needs of these children. This well-rounded knowledge base gives us the edge over school district officials in Santa Clarita and helps us build a strong, foundational case for the needs of the student. Contact us today to learn more.

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