Santa Clarita Individualized Education Program

A Santa Clarita Individualized Education Program is necessary for all special education children who have been evaluated by the school district and found to meet one of the criteria necessary for this plan. This program is often called an IEP and must be restructured through individual meetings at the start of every school year. The point of this document is to guide education throughout the year so that students meet appropriate goals. Eventually, the IEP will be phased out once the student graduates from high school or reaches the age of 22. At this point, it is hoped that the student will be ready to transition to a job or to college, depending on individual goals.

Providing Special Education Santa Clarita Students with Individualized Programs

Because every special education child is unique, every Santa Clarita IEP should also be unique. While this can take a lot of time, it is vital to the ultimate educational growth and wellbeing of the student. The plan should contain information covering numerous facets of the child’s education, including current educational status and appropriate goals for the upcoming school year. Therefore, the thorough IEP will include test results from standardized tests and special assessments.

One of the biggest parts of the Santa Clarita Individualized Education Program is the listing of services that are to be provided during the next school year. This will let families know whether their special needs children will be in special education classrooms only or in combined classrooms. It will include plans for one-on-one tutoring and therapies that may be needed, such as speech therapy. The IEP will cover accommodations that the school is prepared to make to allow the child to attend required testing and evaluations as well as accommodations for getting to school or to special education service areas.

The final part of the IEP will list how teachers or school administrators plan to monitor the student’s progress. The school must track a student’s progress and see how he or she is measuring up to listed goals. If goals seem unattainable, the IEP may need to be adjusted. Of course, these measurements must be reported to parents.

Santa Clarita parents may feel overwhelmed with all the information on an Individualized Education Plan. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman, we have numerous attorneys who can help parents understand the legal jargon and realize the legal rights that their children have. We can also attend IEP meetings with or in place of parents.

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