Santa Clarita Psychological Assessments

Santa Clarita Psychological Assessments are one of the main parts considered by the school district to determine if the student should receive special education services. When performed correctly, these assessments help school district administrators, and teachers understand the student better, including his or her IQ, mental aptitude, social needs and more. However, when done poorly, these assessments may wrongly reflect the student and may cause them to be denied the special education services that they need.

Representing Santa Clarita Parents in Psychological Assessments for Children with Special Needs

A Santa Clarita Psychological Assessment is usually done by a school psychologist. If parents or guardians disagree with this assessment, they may get a secondary opinion from a different source to determine if the reports agree with each other. Sadly, some school districts do not have the time or the inclination to follow through with these assessments to the degree that they should be, and the assessments may not reflect the true needs of the student. This is most prevalent in school districts that do not have as big of a budget and cannot afford to hire additional school psychologists for the busy back-to-school season when assessments are in high demand. Therefore, Santa Clarita school psychologists may be incredibly overworked at this time of the year and may feel that they have to speed through assessments to have enough time to cover everyone.

While it is understandable that these psychologists simply do not have enough time for what they need to do, parents can feel incredibly frustrated that their children are not receiving the time and attention that they deserve. Their children may be denied the services that they need to succeed in school and even well into adulthood. They may be forced to learn with their peers and may fall behind and get frustrated with school.

Thankfully, Santa Clarita parents have somewhere to turn. Newman Aaronson Vanaman Attorneys at Law has numerous attorneys and paralegals who are dedicated to fighting for the needs and freedoms of special education students especially when they are denied essential services that have been promised by the state. We can help parents find disinterested psychologists to perform assessments for school services and can help families receive fair hearings if they believe that they have been overlooked for necessary special education services. Whether parents need some counsel in our offices or need someone to represent them in the courtroom, we can help Santa Clarita families with special needs students.

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