Santa Monica Accommodations

In the world of special education, accommodations allow students to succeed in classrooms with their peers by giving them a bit of extra help as they learn. Thanks to Santa Monica accommodations, many of these students thrive throughout elementary school, junior high and high school and go on to lead amazing lives with great careers. Thus, parents and teacher should be able to see that accommodations that are listed on the student’s IEP are necessary bits of information that should be implemented exactly as listed to give students the boosts that they need.

Tailor Accommodations to Special Needs of Santa Monica Students

The exact Santa Monica accommodations used will depend on the needs of the student. Some students have physical disabilities that make it difficult to sit at the same desks that their peers use. These students may benefit from special seating. Other physical disabilities can often be addressed with large-print textbooks, video or audio teaching aids and special writing instruments.

Other children thrive when allowed to test orally rather than with pen and paper. They may also do better with typing rather than handwriting papers. By allowing these students to test and work differently than their peers do, parents and teachers may find themselves surprised at just how much these students know. They can often grasp concepts faster than they could with traditional teaching and testing methods and may find it easier to integrate themselves into their peers’ classrooms.

Traits of Effective Special Education Accommodations

Of course, Santa Monica accommodations do not only encompass classroom teaching and testing methods. They can also take into account scheduling conflicts, extracurricular activities, and behavioral needs. These students may need more breaks than usual or may require special cues as they learn or interact in the classroom. They may need sensory tools, special classroom rules, and contingency plans to help with working through problems. These students and their teachers must often work closely with parents to achieve the best results. Therefore, parents of special needs students must be dedicated to their full education.

Sometimes, Santa Monica students need more than just their parents on their sides if they are struggling in school. A special education attorney can help when the IEP is just not working or when school districts are balking at accommodation requests. At Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman Attorneys at Law, our attorneys are specially trained in special needs law and have spent years working with school districts throughout the area. Contact us for help today.

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