Santa Monica Appeal Region Center Determinations

Santa Monica Appeal Region Center Determinations are made when parents or legal guardians disagree with the decision for special needs services that the center made. This may happen because the center denied new special needs services, cut off services to a special needs child who was previously receiving them or changed the amount of services that were being given. Parents must start down the road of the appeals process very shortly after receiving the determination. For parents who are requesting new services, they have 30 days to send in a formal appeal. Parents who are appealing a change in special needs services have only 10 days to send in an appeal or risk having services changed.

Appealing Decisions by Santa Monica Region Center

This can be a very personal matter for families who feel stressed and upset when their children are denied services that they feel are not only useful but necessary for growth and development. Parents can experience great stress when they feel the wrong determination is made and may appreciate having a knowledgeable person on their side. In many cases, an attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman can provide this helpful, professional knowledge that can make the difference between an unhelpful determination and one that can change the course of a child’s life forever.

The state of California allows Santa Monica parents three options for appealing the regional center’s determination. The easiest option is the informal meeting during which parents can meet with regional center workers and discuss what decision they thought would have been best. Many times, the regional center and the parents can come to a happy agreement during these meetings.

Santa Monica parents of special needs children could also request a neutral mediator appointed by the state who will help to work out the differences in opinion. However, the state is allowed to deny this request.

Parents who get through these steps and are still unsatisfied with the decision that has been made can choose to request a fair hearing. Because it can take a while for a fair hearing to be scheduled, parents may wish to request the hearing even while they are getting ready for an informal meeting. This way, if they do not get the response they wished at the meeting, they will still have a hearing scheduled. A Santa Monica special needs attorney from Newman Aaronson Vanaman can help parents or legal guardians through any step in this process.

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